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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
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Perhaps the OP find something helpful here:



OT signature, feel free to reply !!!off-list only!!!

Since two list members call each other names.

One bone of contention:

"Mon, 16 Jan 2012
PulseAudio vs. AudioFlinger" - http://0pointer.de/blog links to
http://arunraghavan.net/2012/01/pulseaudio-vs-audioflinger-fight/ :

"Let’s introduce our contenders first. For those who don’t know,
PulseAudio is pretty much a de-facto standard part of the Linux audio

Another bone of contention:

> Buy such an audio card and try it yourself, and you will see. Or ask
> all the other pro-audio users who need such audio cards. They all will
> tell you the same. In fact they already did.

It's said that some pro-audio users don't have issues with PA. Maybe
there's something different for firewire devices or what ever is
different for their cards, from the same vendor as mine card is.
And it's said that at least one pro-audio user has no issues to turn PA
off and on, using all sorts of cards from the same vendor as my card is.
Perhaps there are more users who are able to turn PA off and on, since
there are many Wikis that describe how to do this.
I still wonder why it's not working for many other pro-audio users and
the most common way is to get rid of PA. Well-reputed multimedia distros
wish to support to turn it off and on, but don't get it working, so they
usually remove PA or try a PA jackd bridge, which if it should work,
would have a serious drawback regarding to resources, but the bride
doesn't work for several users.

"Muting internal speakers" is the wrong thread to discuss this again.

http://0pointer.de/imprint or Lennart Poettering <pulseaudio-discuss
(at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org> is the right address for the
question why it can't be easily stop and started. When arts sound server
was common, it easily could be stopped and started.

Heiko off-list you'll meat hundreds of people sharing your opinion, but
it's common not to mention some issue on mailing lists, to avoid chip
away at some coders images. Regarding to other pro-audio issues I
behaved like you until the end of last month, beginning of this month.
Emotionally charged users, you, some others and I better be more quiet.
There are others charing our opinions who are more talented to
communicate with some people, they soft-soap some people and don't
submit bug reports.

A history including flame wars, split communities:

Soon or later some will ban you from a mailing list and others wish you
to subscribe to their mailing list.

Yesterday I watched the animation film "Persepolis" F/USA 2007 [1], a
quote from the German synced version: "Die Freiheit hat immer einen
Preis" (in English perhaps "Freedom always comes at a price")

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persepolis_%28film%29

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