[arch-general] Totem segfaulting on start on a fully up-to-date archlinux with testing enabled.

fredbezies fredbezies at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 12:51:34 EDT 2012

2012/6/16 Vladimir Lomov <lomov.vl at gmail.com>

> [...]
> > Don't know the basics ? Just using linux since christmas 2004...
> I'm sorry, if you think I insult you. But I wouldn't mess the basics

No problems at all.

> knownledge with experience. You have to experiment and try to know
> something new, always.

I do agree. But I think it is cleaner to reboot your linux if some modules
are modified, and of course if kernel is upgraded.

> >> The last time I really need to reboot after graphics driver update
> >> was when I updated kernel too (actually I updated kernel several times
> >> without rebooting before I updated the NVIDA driver and reboot).
> > Rebooting is sometimes the cleanest and the better way to be sure modules
> > are correctly loaded.
> If restrict the subject only to kernel and its modules then yes, it is,
> IMHO, the only sane way to deal with modules.
Even if I am a "long time" linux user, I try to reboot only when it is
needed. But for nvidia (or radeon) drivers and udev changes, reboot is the
simplest and cleanest way to act ;)

> >> IMHO, the minimal steps to use new NVIDIA driver are
> >> 1. shutdown X system;
> >> 2. logout as usual user and login as root;
> >> 3. unload nvidia (kernel) module;
> >> 4. load new nvidia (kernel) module;
> >> 5. start X system.
> > Well, it could be a solution, but a reboot is quicker and less hard to
> set
> > up.
> See my other message in the thread.
> P.S. I don't like to reboot my desktop without serious reasone (it runs
> like a server and, it is a secret, I'm using rtorrent on it :).

I understand. I only have a "normal" desktop computer. And rtorrent ? Well

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