[arch-general] per-application streaming+recording+listening using pulseaudio

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Fri Nov 9 23:33:47 EST 2012

I need to be able to send a couple of applications (TeamTalk and either 
sox or audacious) to an icecast server and my local sound card at the 
same time, while also recording their output in audacity or another 
recording application, sox again may work here. I was able to find some 
information[1] that sometimes allowed me to stream to the icecast 
server, but even when it worked, the output of the application I moved 
to the streaming pulseaudio sink was no longer playing on the sound 
card, because it's sending the monitor of the null sink to the icecast 
server. I need to be able to either copy the output back to my local 
sound card, or setup an entirely new virtual sound card where I can move 
only the individual applications I want to record and stream, while also 
being able to hear the output on my sound card. Any help or links to 
some documentation that can show me how to do this would be greatly 
appreciated. I'm also open to any other suggestions I may not have 
thought of yet, including non-pulse-specific methods.

[1] http://www.alex.ballas.org/2010/11/08/stream-any-pulseaudio-application/

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