[arch-general] / mounted ro after update

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Tue Sep 18 03:47:26 EDT 2012

Whenever does an install of archlinux, they also do a big update so it's 
safe to say I got nailed by this problem too.  I'm not going to dismiss 
out of hand the probability that util-linux is at fault, but when I 
tried the installs this past weekend I suspected mkinitcpio or perhaps 
syslinux-install_update might be at fault.  However if in this update 
process neither of those utilities were used, then both of them are 
cleared.  It seems when util-linux finishes running after install or 
update it fails to set the sticky bits on partitions and lesser 
components in the linux file system at least in ext4 which is what I 
used to try the installs this past weekend in line with the installation 
guide on the archlinux wiki.

On Tue, 18 Sep 2012, P .NIKOLIC wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:01:26 -0500
> "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com> wrote:
> > On 09/15/2012 11:24 AM, P .NIKOLIC wrote:
> > > Of course noone else will offer any assistance  will they  EHhhhh!
> > >
> > > Pete .
> > 
> > Pete,
> > 
> >    You know me, I'm never quite to the ire of many, but I haven't a
> > clue what you are dealing with here... Let us know what it ultimately
> > turns out to be and if it is an issue with util-linux on Arch's end,
> > file a report so it gets fixed before it bites me :)
> > 
> Morning David
> Yes this is a real cracker and it only started after a big update  .
> What i have found is  if i boot with the Arch boot cd  the fsck both "/
> and /home "  it will boot fine but like this morning it has booted but
> with / mounted ro  which means i can not do any updates  another time
> it will be /home that comes up ro but there is no problem to be found
> with the disc itself  , I am wondering if it is  an SATA problem again .
> I have had too many problems with those stupid crappy designed sata
> data cables , i have never seen such a pile of puke as the SATA
> connection design and whoever designed and ratified needs to be hung
> drawn and slaughtered.
> Pete .

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