[arch-general] Re: Mailing list closed for 24 hours

Nicolas Sebrecht nsebrecht at piing.fr
Fri Sep 28 07:43:38 EDT 2012

The 28/09/12, Tom Gundersen wrote:

> An option could be to enable moderation on dev-public, still defaulting to
> rejecting everything, but allow through high-quality contributions from the
> outside.
> I agree that we should create a venue for would-be contributors to engage
> with us, but i also agree that we don't want to end up with non
> constructive content in dev-public, and we don't want to waste time on
> justifying rejecting/banning things (it should stay high-quality and low
> volume as we expect all devs and all users of testing to read it
> thoroughly).
> I don't know the best solution, just throwing out an idea.

I agree with you this would be a welcome alternative.

Allowing outside moderated contributions can really reduce the gap
between users and devs for maintenance and code oriented discussions
while still protecting from poor content (which is a fair understandable

Also, it would help in the longer run to appreciate how things can go
with a more open policy and let everybody evaluate the possibility of a
full opened mailing list based on accepted/rejected mails ratio.

I'd like to add that trying to change a mailing list policy is a easy
reversible change in case things don't go to the expected way.

So, this is a +1 from me.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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