[arch-general] [wpa_actiond 1.4] slow disconnects

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Mar 6 13:19:16 EST 2013

Am 05.03.2013 16:44, schrieb Pali Rohár:
> Hello,
> On Tuesday 05 March 2013 10:23:24 Thomas Bächler wrote:
>> Am 04.03.2013 21:26, schrieb Leonid Isaev:
>>> Hi,
>>> With testing/wpa_actiond-1.4 I am having a minor problem
>>> when shutting down net-auto-wireless.service: 'systemctl
>>> stop net-auto-wireless.service' pauses for ~10sec before
>>> finally disconnecting. Of course, this also occurs on
>>> normal system poweroff (which is usually ~5sec). The wifi
>>> network is WPA "enterprise" (important entries in
>>> wpa_supplicant.conf: key_mgmt=WPA-EAP; eap=PEAP;
>>> phase1="peaplabel=0"; phase2="auth=MSCHAPV2"), and piece of
>>> daemon.log after the above delay has elapsed:
>> I've seen this too, but I didn't determine yet that is was
>> wpa_actiond's fault. There are several issues here:
>> 1) I am unsure what exactly terminates wpa_actiond.
> Before my patches wpa_actiond could be terminated only by 
> KILL/TERM signals or correct "terminate" event from 
> wpa_supplicant. wpa_supplicant sending terminate event only if 
> wpa_supplcant is stopped regulary (when wpa_supplicant is killed 
> by KILL no terminate event is sent!). With my patches wpa_actiond 
> is also terminated when wpa_supplicant is KILLed.
>> 2) net-auto-wireless.service is Type=forking, but has no
>> proper MainPID detected, so systemd doesn't know what exactly
>> to kill.
>> This change however seems to be related to Pali's changed, so
>> I'm CC'ing him to see if he knows what this might be about.
> You can always stop wpa_actiond with KILL or TERM signals. I did 
> not removed any code which handling stopping wpa_actiond. I only 
> added another check if wpa_actiond should exit.
> So my patches should not change behaviour of stopping 
> wpa_actiond. Problem is maybe in blackbox which starting and 
> stoppping wpa_actiond. I'm not using that systemd and this is 
> another reason against it. Not easy to understand and debug this 
> problem.
> I tested my patches on my system without systemd and wpa_actiond 
> working without problem. Really I cannot help you with blackbox 
> which I not using...

This may even be related to the way netcfg stops wpa_actiond (it doesn't
- it only stops wpa_supplicant). One can probably debug this easily by
making wpa_actiond more verbose.

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