[arch-general] Bonding networks with netcfg

Damjan gdamjan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 22:00:12 EDT 2013

On 23.03.2013 09:03, Robbie Smith wrote:
> So I’ve got access to two networks, a wireless one on wlan0 and a mobile
> broadband one (with a 3G modem) on ppp0, and both have a tendency to be
> rather unreliable. I decided to look up bonding the two, and while I can
> sometimes manage to enslave wlan0, ppp0 always fails.
> I’ve followed the information and guides from [1] and [2], as well as
> what Google could find (though most of the information there was
> seriously outdated). I did find a post on the BBS with exactly the same
> problem[3], and I tried what they had used, but it also failed.

Bonding works on ethernet links between your computer and a suitably 
configured switch (LACP should be best).

For ppp links you can use multi-link ppp, but it needs to be supported 
on the other side too (and both of your ppp links need to connect to the 
same access server).

but bonding wlan0 and ppp0 is not possible, and I don't even see what 
you expect to gain if both are unreliable.

you might try playing with multi-path routing, so that you have a 
default gateway through both of your links, and packets alternate 
through one or the other. The linux implementation also supports 
"weights" that you can set according to the supposed bandwidth of the 
links. it also supports caching so generally packets of a single 
connection will go out from the same link.


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