[arch-general] mplayer2 deprecation

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 18:38:04 EDT 2013

hi all
Since mplayer2 has been deprecated and moved to the aur, i've been 
trying to find another console video player that will play videos in 
full screen. I've tried mplayer and mpv, neither of which seem tow work. 
Browsing the arch wiki, I see I need kms enabled, so have set 
radeon.modeset=1 in my grub config file, and added radeon to the modules 
section of mkinitcpio.conf. After this, videos play, but only after 
adding fbdev2 to mplayer's config file, and only in a small box on 
screen, it won't stretch. Can anyone help me find a video player that 
will work? I have vlc for x, but I don't launch x that often. For now, 
I've used downgrade to install mplayer2 and it's old version of libquvi.

I'll attach my .mplayer/config file for reference. Please note that when 
I'm using mplayer2, I don't select a video driver, mplayer picks the one 
that works, so I'm not at all sure which one ut's using.
  My system has an ati radeon hd4200 graphics card with the 
xf86-vide-ati package for x. I have no special configuration in x, I 
simply installed		 x, xfce, and x vlc, and the videos played.
		 I hope this helps.
Kendell clark

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