[arch-general] mplayer2 deprecation

Rashif Ray Rahman schiv at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 31 05:03:53 EDT 2013

On 31 October 2013 06:38, kendell clark <coffeekingms at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since mplayer2 has been deprecated and moved to the aur, i've been trying to
> find another console video player that will play videos in full screen.

Fullscreen in console requires a trick, AFAIK. In fact, the 'fs'
option has no major function; 'zoom' does the work, though I may be
wrong. Append the following options:

-vo fbdev2 == Standard fbdev may not work.
-zoom -xy WIDTH == Here WIDTH is your maximum horizontal screen resolution.
-quiet == To suppress the info bar at bottom while maximized.
-fs == To suppress background output while maximized.

Here's what I use for my 1366x768 screen:

alias climplayerfs='mplayer -quiet -softvol -fs -zoom -xy 1366 -vo
fbdev2 -ao alsa -af volnorm'


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