[arch-general] Default value of "j" in makeflags of makepkg.conf

Paul Gideon Dann pdgiddie at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 10:11:00 EST 2014

On Friday 03 Jan 2014 15:49:27 Thomas Bächler wrote:
> If you are not "experienced", you should think about your operating
> system choice. We are not a kindergarten, we are a distribution with a
> target audience of experienced and advanced users.x

I reckon plenty of Arch users weren't used to customising or building packages before 
they came to Arch, and may not have done all that much building from source.  That's not 

> If it were my choice, we would enforce high quality standards for the
> AUR (which would likely force us to delete 90% of PKGBUILDs from it).

Sounds like a barrel of laughs!

> If you just want to "throw a piece of software on the AUR" without
> checking the PKGBUILD for compliance with expected quality standards and
> correctness, then fuck you. I will not stand by while we encourage
> people to continue to produce low-quality bullshit and upload it to the AUR.

So just to get this straight: if someone's going to become a packager, they need to learn 
how to do it *instantly*.  There should be no margin for error and inexperience.  Correct?  
Have you considered a career in education? :p


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