[arch-general] libgcrypt.so.20 missing

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 13 14:08:47 EST 2014

Am 13.01.2014 19:33, schrieb Mark E. Lee:
> However, I suggest an announcement on the website regarding this
> problem.


> I had three issues when trying to solve this problem:
> 1) the mirror I was using wasn't up to date (still had
> libgcrypt-1.5.3-1)

You see, that is impossible. The package database contains either both
the old pth and old libgcrypt, or both the new pth and new libgcrypt.

> 3) Failure to update libgcrypt before other packages resulted in a
> kernel that seemed to be hung at booting.

Sorry, I can't see how that would be related in any way.

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