[arch-general] Problems of using pacman and updating the filesystem

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Mar 7 09:58:02 EST 2014

Am 07.03.2014 15:51, schrieb Caorenzhi:
> Yes, I try pacman -Su, and they said the /usr/sbin is exists. I am thinking that is ok, so I reboot the system.

The instructions explicitly stated that this is NOT okay.

> I have a cd to load the system, and I have another computer to download packages and have a external hard disk to use, like copy files there. 
> Is there still any way to solve my problem?

Sure there is.

Boot from a recent Arch Linux live CD, mount your file systems to /mnt
and run
 arch-chroot /mnt /usr/bin/bash

Then make sure there are no files left in /usr/sbin, /sbin and /usr/bin
- most likely, you need to uninstall a package that you built yourself -
you can properly rebuild it later and install it again. Or you need to
uninstall a package that used to be part of Arch, but it no longer needed.

When you are done, pacman -Su should work flawlessly (the package is
already in your cache, so no network is required). To be safe, run
'mkinitcpio -P' so your system boots correctly.

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