[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] Trimming down our default kernel configuration

Arthur Țițeică arthur at psw.ro
Thu Mar 27 10:45:24 EDT 2014

În ziua de Miercuri 26 Martie 2014, la 19:56:26, Thomas Bächler a scris:
> I want to trim our kernel down to what we actually support.

> 1) Once we agreed to disable one LSM, everyone else said "we can enable
> LSM XYZ, too". And so we did. Right now, we enable SELinux, SMACK,
> Tomoyo, AppArmor and Yama, although we don't support the userspace for
> any of those.

My opinion on this is that the kernel should be the ground on which userspace 
should always work.

Features should be taken out with bug reports demonstrating breakage in 
general usage, slowdowns or security risks.

Another important point of view should be the maintenance required to support 
these seldom used features and I have nothing to comment on this.

Specifically regarding slowdowns, my layman opinion on this is that they are 
meaningless in the general usage of the -ARCH kernel. 

If taking out theoretically useful features out of the kernel means that in 
the end we gain 2 Mb of free memory or Apache is able to sustain 10500 
connections instead of 10000 I personally don't see it as good bargain.

Building a personal or an AUR linux package is easy. Maintaining one is a lot 
harder. The most important thing that is lost in this process is the community 
support. One cannot compare the scrutiny and the testing of any AUR linux 
package with those of the -ARCH kernel.

That being said I'd like to read and help test a before and after kernel in 
regards to performance or any other concerning factor.

Arthur Țițeică
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