[arch-general] multiarch support like debian, pro and cons?

Eugenio M. Vigo emvigo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 06:38:31 UTC 2014

IMHO, we already have multiarch support; I come from Debian and I really
don't see any substantial difference with what we have in Arch.

OK, in Arch you have to add a repo, but in Debian you have to tell dpkg to
accept "i386" as a secondary architecture (# dpkg --add-architecture i386).
If you don't do that you don't get multiarch neither in Arch nor in Debian.
Everything else is absolutely the same for both users and mantainers: user
will still have to explicitly tell the package manager that they want a
32-bit package and mantainers will still have to compile packages for both

I may be missing something, of course.


2014-09-26 1:08 GMT+02:00 Ranomier <ranomier at fragomat.net>:

> I wrote my idea first on the irc, but i think here is a better place.
> The idea is to give up multiarch repo and make pacman and archlinux
> capable for real multiarch support
> That means u could install a 32bit package from the normal repos core,
> extra, community usw and not from multilib repo in 64bit arch. (example:
> pacman -S firefox:i386)
> And that means package maintainer don´t have to maintain two 32bit
> packages,
> plus all 32bit package where available ob 64bit.
> What are u guys thinking, about that ideas.
> What where the pro and cons, that i don´t see.
> Greetings,
> Ranomier

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