[arch-general] Add wpa_supplicant to the Group 'Base'

Maarten de Vries maarten at de-vri.es
Sat Apr 25 18:10:57 UTC 2015

On 25 April 2015 at 19:59, Sam Stuewe <halosghost at archlinux.info> wrote:

> This may just be my personal opinion, but I have always thought that
> `base` was supposed to be the absolute bare minimum to have a bootable
> installation. From that view, it makes sense that a few very small
> editors made sense in `base` back when Arch wasn't net-install only.

​I would say an editor is part of the bare minimum for any system. You
can't do much on a system without an editor (of course you can still edit
files using some basic tools that don't qualify as editors, but that's
besides the point).

> Honestly, I think an idea world would put pacman, linux, systemd, bash,
> a few bootloaders, efi-related utilities and their dependencies in
> `base` and essentially nothing else.

​Multiple bootloaders don't really make sense​, and there are many
bootloaders to choose from. Choosing one to install by default would
probably be a very difficult discussion. It would also mean that users
might not even be aware of what bootloader they're using and leave them
unprepared when it breaks.

Having said that, I think it makes perfect sense to have nano and
> vim-minimal on the installation media, but I think of “what is on the
> installation media” and “what is in `base`” as being two separate
> things.
They are two separate​ things already. The installation media comes with
wpa_supplicant for one.

Kinds regards,

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