[arch-general] postgresql 9.3 -> 9.4

Andrej Podzimek andrej at podzimek.org
Wed Jan 28 20:25:48 UTC 2015

>>> Next time reading pacman -Syu output before hitting Y would be even
>>> nicer. ;-)
>> You know what, sometimes their is just so much on the screen to catch
>> all the messages for things like this.  I was hit with the same
>> problem and had a server down for almost a day.  This should have
>> been posted on the home page with a warning and a link to the Wiki or
>> instructions on how to perform upgrade.
> I think there should have been a post-install message — something that
> catches the eye as opposed to a simple version increment. However, an
> announcement on the homepage for a completely routine version change,
> that has happened regularly in the past, is overkill.

Well, version changes that require a non-trivial manual intervention are certainly not "routine". There have been many bugfix version updates of PostgreSQL that required no action at all. Those would definitely qualify as "routine". PostgreSQL minor version changes, on the other hand, may be tricky (often requiring a dump and restore) and should be, IMHO, always loudly announced.


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