[arch-general] KDE plasma, baloo and UI/video playback freezes

Francesco Porro frapox at gmail.com
Tue May 29 12:01:15 UTC 2018

In data martedì 29 maggio 2018 13:14:00 CEST, hai scritto:
> I think there's some confusion. I checked the mail you sent me, and
> the only recipient was my address, no list addres in either field.
> Therefore I assumed you mailed me directly, off-list, and so I didn't
> add back the list in my reply. Usually, when someone does this, it's
> considered off-list and meant to be private. It's better to miss the
> list than expose a potentially personal email to the public list.

Can you see you (or your Mua) added my address to CC? (since the first mail I 
got). If I hit reply, Kmail autofills the "To" field with your mailbox instead 
of the mailinglist address, and I have to switch to ml address manually every 
time (and accidentally I forgot to do it once, so you received a mail directly 
from me, you assumed was a private reply). Btw, no problem.

> Interesting. That sounds like a performance bug in the interaction of
> Konversation and Baloo. But it's still odd that Debian doesn't have
> this. I assume the KDE version tested was the same on the different
> distros.

At this point I don't know if it's a bug of baloo or konversation (or a 
combination of the two), since It doesn't happen on Debian or Kubuntu. And 
yes, the version of KDE and related apps were the same.


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