[arch-general] [Xfce-terminal] Cannot remove entries from history

Peter Nabbefeld peter.nabbefeld at gmx.de
Fri Jan 11 11:00:49 UTC 2019

Am 11.01.19 um 11:46 schrieb Ralph Corderoy:
> Hi Peter,
>>> Does it gain new lines at the bottom as you enter commands in a
>>> terminal?  Or only when the terminal exits?  Do those lines include
>>> test ones that you've deleted?
>> Yes, thank You, Ralph. Indeed, I forgot about that, as I'm usually not
>> changing that. IMHO it's nevertheless a bad concept those removed
>> commands are still stored inside this file. In my case, the problem
>> was my sudo password, which I accidently typed in because sudo timeout
>> had not yet been reached.
> If I open a terminal for a new bash and enter
>      echo 1
>      echo 2
>      echo 3
> and then `history -d ...' so `history' shows `echo 2' is missing and
> there's a gap in the history numbering, the .bash_history written when I
> exit bash does *not* include the deleted `echo 2' line.
> So either you didn't delete your password line(s), or something else is
> going on and my tests above were probing what.  :-)
Hm, I guess it's because it has been saved once (by closing the tab) and 
later removals in newly created tabs didn't change the backup 
"database", or I just did something else and just cannot remember 
because I've been in panic (though it's my private laptop and nobody 
else usually has access to it, but I'll never know if there's some spy 
virus looking for root access, so password should never be stored 
anywhere in clear text).


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