[arch-mirrors] Seeking info on the new multi-tier mirroring system

Nathan Wayde kumyco at konnichi.com
Mon Jul 26 05:57:15 EDT 2010

On 26/07/10 10:33, Roman Kyrylych wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 12:20, Nathan Wayde<kumyco at konnichi.com>  wrote:
>> On 25/07/10 21:30, Roman Kyrylych wrote:
>>> Please take a look at
>>> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DeveloperWiki:NewMirrors
>>> for instructions about switching to the new mirroring scheme.
>> Does that mean I must now apply? as an official mirror to sync from a Tier-1
>> mirror?
>> If so what is the procedure to apply as an official mirror to gain access to
>> sync, but not have the mirror appear in any public mirrorlist, do I simply
>> request it not be added?
>> Also, that wiki lacks info so barring the above option, does anyone know
>> which Tier-2 syncs most often or how up-to-date they are(guaranteed by
>> policy)? In my case I'm looking for a Tier-2 in the US that syncs at least
>> once a day as the ibiblio mirror hasn't sync'ed in the last 2 days AFAICT.
>> More context: my mirror is the A.R.M arm.konnichi.com and it syncs once per
>> day, no more, no less. I don't particularly care where I sync from, I just
>> need it to be up-to-date every day. As I said, that wiki lacks info so if
>> I'm missing something feel free to tell me to go RTMF providing you also
>> point me to that manual(mailing list doesn't count).
>> Thanks.
> If I understood you correctly - you want to sync from some mirror,
> but not become an official mirror.
> There is no limitation for syncing from tier1 mirror,
> they are normal mirrors with access enabled for everyone.
> In USA you can sync from tier1:
> rsync://rsync.gtlib.gatech.edu/archlinux/
> rsync://mirror.rit.edu/archlinux/
> or tier2:
> rsync://mirror.umoss.org/archlinux/
> rsync://mirrors.cat.pdx.edu/archlinux/
> Frequency of updates of any mirror can be seen at
> https://www.archlinux.de/?page=MirrorStatus

cool, thanks that's what I wanted to know, thanks.

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