[arch-proaudio] Audio packages moved from AUR to community

David Runge dave at sleepmap.de
Sat Jul 28 23:06:11 UTC 2018

On July 29, 2018 12:24:02 AM GMT+02:00, SpotlightKid <aur at chrisarndt.de> wrote:
>Am 29.07.2018 um 00:00 schrieb bill-auger:
>> if or when the previous AUR packager is credited in an official
>package, it is probably purely a courtesy [...] it seems like the OP is
>assuming that something was done improperly
>No, I didn't mean that.
>> On Sat, 28 Jul 2018 23:13:59 +0200 SpotlightKid wrote:
>>> when you move packages from AUR to community and use my PKGBUILD
>>> files as a basis, I would appreciate it, if you acknowledged my work
>                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>I may be wrong here, since English ist not my native language, but to
>this means, that I would consider it a courtesy, I don't see it as
>Concerning which packages I'm referring too, David has moved a couple
>packages I was maintaining in AUR to community recently (e.g. very
>recently python-jack-client, python-zita-jacktools,
>python-zita-audiotools and zita-(j)client), and when I looked at his
>PKGBUILDs and mine, in some cases I thought that the former must have
>been based at least partially on the later. I might be wrong, but
>without attribution within the files, I can only make a best guess,
>since there is obviously no repo history to look at when moving
>out of the AUR.
>I don't say David copied whole files verbatim, if anything, he improved
>some packages.

Hi Chris,

I did indeed start from scratch (had too many faulty PKGBUILDs before due to copy/paste errors; one lives and learns). However, a lot of the lines would obviously be the same (or very similar) doing a diff. There are not too many different ways of building a package ;-)

Regarding AUR -> [community], there's the DevWiki, explaining things [1].

Generally, if I copy an existing PKGBUILD I leave the contributors in there. This was just not the case here.
Sorry, if that came across as weird. That was not my intention (just spent the day in rebuild frenzy ;-) ). Will make sure to include contributors where appropriate in the future.

None of the AUR repos are really 'gone' after deletion. They're just not accessible through the web interface anymore. You can still clone them!

btw: Good and fast job on the packages! zita-convolver 4.0.0 sadly took some time due to LAC and dependency fixes.
That being said: My offer for TU sponsorship still stands! :-)


[1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DeveloperWiki:Package_Submittal_Rules

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