[arch-releng] A question about the ArchIso system

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Wed May 19 06:54:10 CEST 2010

Hi all.
I was curious how the Archiso system got started?
You release-team folks must enjoy making new releases.
Do you folks start the process as soon as a "official release" is made from 
the Arch repository?
I know the general process, thanks to Dieter.
What I am so curious about is if anything can be done (while not a 
developer) I am able, to test various things-and although most of it occurs 
in a VM, I am able to report specific feedback.
Is it testers that the Arch-release team lacks to make the process a bit 
What I'd like to do is see how I might be ble to help you folks out.
No, I don't have any hardware to give you folks-I'm not giving you my 
Windows laptop to Arch with. :)
I could give it to you, but nah. :D
Even though the machine is an Intel 2 core duel processor at 2.80GHZ, 4GB of 
RAM, 64-bit ready, 64KB primary cache, USB2, with an Intel WiFi link 5100 
AGN wireless card, and such.
It is, a wonderful box. But like I mentioned, sorry-I'm using it presently, 
and I'm not ready yet to give it up.
But if it's testers that you lack, then I might be able to help.
I'm also good at looking for typos in documentation and reporting them-and 
could do those as bugs. :)
Even typos are bugs if you ask me. :)
While not software bugs, of course.
Another good question is what system does the Arch Linux team have in place 
to insure that Arch will boot on any machine?
Hardware is so widely differing between so many PCs, and so on.
How do you know if Arch will run on a given machine in general?
That's an interesting one.
Hope ou folks have a great day, and thanks for the release!
Please keep up the great work on your ArchIso system Dieter, as it appears 
that you lead that effort.
Thanks to you, your efforts in ArchIso, including Thomases efforts to fix 
things with it, have enabled us TalkingArch Users to role our own snapshots 
thanks to ArchIso-git, so please keep up the work on that!
Dieter: I suggest that you deserve a break.
Get back to the project you have been neglecting for a while.
Stop letting projects falling behind-stop getting worse with life, :).
Let Thomas take over Aaron's tasks for a while, I'm sure Aaron himself needs 
a break too, what with publishing so many ArchLinux news entries, and 
speaking of that, Hey!
Aaron, where is the next edition of the Arch Linux magazine anyways?
Thought that you released those things each month? :D
Don't forget to announce the next official snapshot release of Arch.
Though if users wished to build there own Iso images of Arch Dieter, 
couldn't they do so without needing to wait for you folks, and just pull in 
AIF, and other various packages?
If Archiso does indeed take a snapshot of the repo as it is, perhaps it 
pulls in AIF, no matter what version that's at.
If you ask me, you Arch-release folks and kernel devs should take a break 
for the next 1 thousand years! LOL I am kidding-I know that can't happen. :)
And Dieter, please don't quit the Arch project. I was teasing you about your 
personal issues with regards to niglecting projects, though I was serious 
though, take a break. :)
Archiso should not be too hard for others to assist you on-Thomas himself 
has proven it, and hasn't Chris Brannon done some work on that as well?
Hey Chris, if you read this, why not take over Archiso for the next 500 
years! LOL just kidding buddy!
Have fun, and happy Arch-development to all.
Regards, --Keith
P.s. Please send my comments to the kernel developers about taking that 
crazy break I suggested-I'd love to see there reactions to this funny 
Hope you folks get a huge laugh (more than one hopefully.) 

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