[aur-general] TU Vote: Daenyth

Ángel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.com.ve
Sun Aug 10 23:20:26 EDT 2008

I got *no* and  *abstain* votes against me, and i don't asked why or 
something; I'm most worried  because the participation of the TU team 
actually we were 25 and just 21 voted (in this SVP), where was the other 
4 TUs?

I saw two resignations on that period and still missing 2 votes(bjorn, 
xilon), and i saw 3 inactivities (Dragonlord,DaNiMoTh,BaSh) notices 
after the SVP maybe 2 of them didn't vote too, but i'm not so sure.

I think that everyone is free to vote anything, and i don't know if 
bardo (or anyother) will resign because now Daenyth is a TU (that will 
be childish in fact), the point is, that he reached a quorum, he now is 
a TU, and welcome to the team, honestly i just hope that Daenyth will do 
a good work, no matter what others (including me, yes i voted against 
Daenyth) can think.

I don't like this *type* of discussion on public list, imho not-TU 
people shouldn't read this kind of e-mails, so if anyone (or you 
Daenyth) want to know why i voted against him (just the TU/Dev team) 
feel free to ask, BUT as i said, and sincerely i hope that you will do a 
good job, and if you need help feel free to ask, while you want to be a 
tu, you will get any help (if you need it) from me.

Please, let close this, congrats anyway.


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