[aur-general] Someone hug sergej

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 00:35:40 EST 2008

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 6:59 AM, w9ya <w9ya at qrparci.net> wrote:
> Greg;
> I assume you are not aware that anyone can apply and become a TU. Because of
> that, if anyone thinks something needs to be done that remains undone, then
> the answer is to simply ask to become a TU. Within a short time, if you are
> ready with some few examples of your work, you will become one. We have only
> turned down one applicant and that was for lying to us.

Hi bfinch,
Let me get some things straight.
If you dont remember, since i had told you about it the last time we
chated on the MLs
I havent used [community] in more than a year. I only use 3 packages
from unsupported,
and theyre all maintained by me. In case anyone was wondering why i
biitch there arent
more of those popular packages in community, well i couldnt care less.
Its the common good im interesting in not my own.
If not all [extra] and mainly xorg doesnt to [community]  thats not
gonna change easy.
I dont believe in the TU system. IMO Its broken by design. Maybe it
worked in the past.
The reason to that is mosly that its not Official.
I surely admit that AUR is one of Archlinux's strongest points but the
scricts are generally
of low quality and MAINLY in the binary reposisitory.
I am not really insterested in that part of Archlinux. Its only the
core that matters to me.
Thats what im building my workstation on. If i find out anything wrong
with ay aspect i try
to fix it.
I have said so in he past that if the way the community repository
works doesnt change
then Archlinux needs to be more souce based. I dont need a repository
like that and IMO
neither does Archlinux.
Being a TU is not the only way to help Archlinux, and i try to help
out as much as i can in
other ways. Im not saying i am not making mistakes.

> MORE TO THE POINT; When the aurvotes was added, we all knew that it could
> not represent even one user correctly. Heck I have programs that dozens of
> folks use that show NO VOTES, and they are using them by downloading them
> from the community repo directly. At the time the aurvotes were added we
> were promised that it would **NEVER  be mentioned that a TU was remiss by
> not adding a aur entry that had some votes. Somehow over the course of a
> couple of years we are now using a system of statistics that is decidedly in
> error, with over two magnitudes of extremes and no way to determine the
> shape of the curve (and the means). i.e. We have NO idea of even what ZERO
> votes means.
> It boggles the mind.
> Very best regards;
> Bob Finch

Can i ask you something else? I expect to get an answer this time though.
I am aware of a fact probably other people and probably some TUs arent
aware of either.
I dont know when exactly you became a TU, or how things worked back then.
Your experience is welcome but werent you away from Archlinux for a
couple of years?
2006-2008 from what i can estimate.
How can you so conviniently talk about how are things are done? I
think that for some
reason you assume that in the 2 years you were away nothing changed.
Which i guess
i wrong. And you have proven that with abusing the repository.
Sure freedom is great. So are you long philosophical emails.
But youre playing in someone elses playground with their toys.
Thats exactly where it shows the development module is TOTALLY broken.
You, and IMO Sergej, at the very least are abusing the power you were given.
But if phrakture who is in charge of the distro ATM tells you
something you tell him to STFU
cause we are TUs not developers and we are free to do whatever we want
on our special
place and he has no right to interfere.
Well since you abused the hospitality you dont deserve such priviledges IMO.
I will say it one last time. Either official [community] repository
with some kind of moderation OFC,
or not at all.
And i dont really care how things were done when Archlinux had 10
times less users than it does
now in 2003.  Only how they should be done now. And the developers
should have a saying in this.

That would sum up my thoughts.

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