[aur-general] perl 5.10.0 coming soon

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Wed Mar 19 04:05:37 EDT 2008

> Perl's new install blurb will show you this:
>   These community packages are also included in the standard perl 
> library:
>    perl-archive-extract  perl-cpanplus  perl-digest-sha  perl-file-fetch
>    perl-extutils-parsexs  perl-ipc-cmd  perl-locale-maketext-simple
>    perl-log-message  perl-log-message-simple  perl-module-corelist
>    perl-module-load  perl-module-load-conditional  perl-module-loaded
>    perl-module-pluggable  perl-object-accessor  perl-params-check
>    perl-term-ui  perl-time-piece

Well, it turns out I maintain all but the last one of the above :D

perl-time-piece is in unsupported (version 1.11 vs 1.12 in core perl), 
so it can be removed from AUR.

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