[aur-general] perl 5.10.0 coming soon

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Wed Mar 19 05:01:31 EDT 2008

> On the other hand, looking at all the critical updates in [testing] in
> the last weeks, I've been feeling a growing need for a
> [community-testing] repo. This has been discussed many times, and if I
> understood correctly there's a serious intention to deploy it,
> someday.
> Is there any official roadmap to [community-testing]? If the answer is
> "no, and you'll never see it", then all good for me, I'll find a way
> to set up one somewhere and encourage current TUs to use it.
> Corrado

I am likewise very much in favor of a community-testing repo. Roman, 
what is the current state of things on this?

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