[aur-general] python-apsw package

Juan Miguel Cejuela jmcejuela at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 07:50:10 EDT 2009

I have just updated and started to maintain the python-apsw package (the
current version in AUR was from Oct 2007, when the last version is from Feb

This package is needed for the tribler package (bittorrent client)

Please let me know if you use this library and therefore whether the package
is useful.

And of course, give me any suggestion for the PKGBUILD since this is my
first package I submit.

Have a good day!!

Juan Miguel Cejuela
~http://www.ashrentum.net [My Homepage]
~http://www.ashrentum.net/lachanza [Colección de Chistes en Español]

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