[aur-general] Voting for djszapi results

Laszlo Papp djszapi at archlinux.us
Thu Dec 17 15:49:34 EST 2009

> This is not really my business as I am not a TU, and haven't been
> involved with Laszlo on any packaging problems or AUR2 development..
> but as I might be the biggest Laszlo's hater, I might have a word to
> say. Also it could look weird that someone gets rejected twice and no one
> has anything really bad to say, so hopefully I am going to fix that :)

True, you're the only one with whom I couldn't reach a situation
where/when we could clarify any gap among us, I tried it more times
and I didn't find solution for it :((

> However, I have to admit I have big troubles staying calm and mature
> every time I was involved with him. But that's the whole problem.
> I could write a book about all the times Laszlo pissed me off.
> Probably 99% of that was about pacman development. But Loui's
> experience with him (probably for AUR) was apparently not much better,
> at least back then :
> http://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2009-July/006081.html

It's my previous application, not the current one :)

> By the way, this is not really a bad first impression. Laszlo has been
> active on pacman bug tracker or mailing list between June and
> November. It started quite bad, it became worse and worse, it was
> still very bad at the end.
> It would really take me a lot of times to gather all the WTFs, so what
> about the last one in date ?
> I recently got this link :
> http://www.mail-archive.com/frugalware-devel@frugalware.org/msg05895.html
> And here is my sumup (^W interpretation) :
> - he submits a bunch of minor/trivial pacman patches to frugalware in
> October and November

I sent similar patches for arch pacman too, for which I got very rude
answers sometimes from you, Xavier, but I didn't experience this in
case vmiklos, that's why I liked this contribution too, to tell the
truth. Some patches that were rejected by Xavier in a very rude way,
was applied by vmiklos even if the patch contained some mistakes,
vmiklos tried to be helpful..

> - he spams/offends Miklos about getting push access to the repository
> (just for the record and comparison : in Archlinux world, there are
> several competent long-time contributors, and only Dan has push access
> to the master git repo)

Archlinux != Frugalware, maybe you don't know frugalware(sorry if you
know), but some person has got push rights too with lesser patch
number/contribution, and I explained why it would be good for the
development, maybe you missed it(sorry if not).
At last I accepted vmiklos's viewpoint.

> - he adds himself on top of the second list of authors, for his
> excellent contributions :
> http://www.mail-archive.com/frugalware-devel@frugalware.org/msg05892.html

You can see two sections there and I'm at the bottom one, where those
contributors take place who had fewer contributions, I can't see any
problem in it, and vmiklos applied it, but maybe you know better the
frugal way than vmiklos :)

> - he wants his name to appear on every manpage, even the ones he has
> nothing to do :
> http://www.mail-archive.com/frugalware-devel@frugalware.org/msg05902.html
> - after that, he disappears

It was discussed with vmiklos, and I accepted his statement about it,
and everything is ok now, I can't see any problem in it again.

> Note that I count this as one story. I have 20 others to tell about
> what happened in the archlinux/pacman world. But the bug tracker has
> the whole history, and the mailing list archives are all publicly
> available, so no reason I should waste my time more.
> This might be my main problem with him : he's a big time waster. He is
> also "extremely annoying" and " doesn't understand boundaries when it
> comes to communication" , as Loui very correctly observed back then.

It was at my previous application again, not at this one. I spoke with
louipc about it, and he said me (more) positive feedbacks this time,
so maybe it's the past you try to say now, but maybe Louipc will fix

It's not my way, but I will show some mails from Xavier too:

I saw this patch in frugalware, vmiklos applied it, and I thought it
will be useful for archers too, and just see the answer from Xavier,
he called me 'for something', but with it he called 'vmiklos' too
explicite, who started the arch pacman development much more earlier
than Xavier, so it's fair :(

Another situation:
I helped Eric with my answer, Eric figured out the problem, but Xavier
started to offense me somehow without any neccessarity because Eric
and me were happy with finding the solution for his problem:

There is more, but it's not my way to offense Xavier. Otherwise maybe
he was the person and his attitude why I started another project, AUR2
now, so thank you Xavier, anyway :)

Summary: Yeah, Xavier was right, he is my biggest 'hater' as he said
it, but It would be nice to find the solution for it with him to speak
about these things in peaceful way, as others Tus did it, it would be
really the best because we are active in the same wonderful community,
I hope the best!

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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