[aur-general] Removing comments from AUR

Daenyth Blank daenyth+arch at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 17:12:35 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 17:03, Grigorios Bouzakis<grbzks at gmail.com> wrote:
> May i suggest something slightly relevant, but probably very radical?
> Disable comments on AUR completely.

I agree that comments are not terribly useful on community packages,
but I think they're important for [unsupported]. Maybe for community
packages, only allow comments from the *maintainer* (or TU). My
preference is to leave it as is. Granted, sometimes people report
issues for community packages on the comment page, but that's no worse
than people emailing the maintainer directly (since that's still not
on the bug tracker), and is better because it's more visible.

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