[aur-general] TU Application / Looking for sponsor

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Wed Aug 25 09:09:09 EDT 2010

Am Wed, 25 Aug 2010 13:30:35 +0200
schrieb Jakob Gruber <jakob.gruber at kabelnet.at>:

> me-tv

Are you really sure that you want to bring THIS package to [community]?

I was a former AUR maintainer of this package and orphaned it because
it was absolutely impossible to work together with upstream.

There have been a lot of bugs - I don't know them exactly anymore - but
they made at least a reasonable usage impossible. That's why I, of
course, filed a bug report to upstream.

And you really don't want to know the following e-mail conversation I
had with Michael Lamothe the upstream developer. Well, a part of it
took place in the AUR comments. He was really more than impolite, felt
hassled by bug reports and feature requests, didn't care about bug
reports and feature requests, and only programs for his own purposes.
It's a very, very short and polite summary of his own words.

Briefly speaking it was no fun or rather impossible maintaining this
package and working together with upstream, and me-tv was too buggy.

I doubt that all of these bugs are fixed.

I'm not sure if you really want to or should bring those problems to the
binary repos.

But I'm really wondering how Vinzenz and you have been resp. are able
to maintaining this package, and how this package could become so many

Well, me-tv is principally not bad as long as it works and as long as
it has no bugs by chance, or you're not missing a feature.


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