[aur-general] orphaned vim colorscheme PKGBUILD files

Lex Rivera x-demon at x-demon.org
Tue Feb 16 02:02:02 EST 2010

Vim users use colorschemes in ~/.vim/colors :)
On 15/02/10 23:46, Stefan Husmann wrote:
> Am 15.02.2010 23:00, schrieb Florian Preinstorfer:
> >Hi,
> >i searched the AUR and found a lot of vim colorscheme PKGBUILD files that were
> >orphaned by their maintainers and are part of either vim-colorschemes (AUR),
> >vim-colorsamplerpack  (extra) or both.
> >
> >I suggest to delete this packages to keep the AUR clean.
> >
> ...
> >
> >greetings,
> >Florian
> Thank you, Florian, for your lists.
> I am no vim user and so I do not know what vim users would prefer: having one
> or two collections of themes (of which they use only few), or having many packages,
> all providing exactly one theme. I would say, packages with bundles of themes
> are better.
> I took a look at some of the packages and did not see a conflicts line against
> the bundles, so many are broken in that respect anyway.
> Thoughts?
> Regards Stefan
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