[aur-general] Problem with makechrootpkg

Nathan O. ndowens04 at gmail.com
Sun May 30 04:59:29 EDT 2010

On 05/30/2010 03:56 AM, Ionut Biru wrote:
> On 05/30/2010 08:20 AM, Nathan O. wrote:
>> I am trying to run makechrootpkg -r /aur -- -i in the dir that contains
>> /usr/bin/makepkg: line 461: /dev/null: Permission denied
>> I redid the chroot with mkarchroot -f /aur/root base base-devel sudo to
>> see if that would help but still the same error. I tried another package
>> earlier and it gave the same error, thought maybe there was something
>> else wrong.
> that happens when you run the second compilation ON the same chroot. 
> it breaking the permission of /dev/null
Funny thing is I can also run clean first and same error, I got it again 
a little ago after I figured out i would have to reboot to fix it, but 
it seems whenever an app needs intltool it gives that issue

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