[aur-general] Orphaning request - chromium-beta and clamav-devel

Det nimetonmaili at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 15:28:09 EDT 2010

On 9/23/10, Heiko Baums <lists at baums-on-web.de> wrote:
> I didn't say that you're asking everybody adopting it
And I didn't say you did.

> but you ask to orphaning it if someone else already has adopted it
>because it was orphaned.
No, I only asked a maintainer who wasn't so fast with updating the
package as I was.

> And "bumping" the package is the maintainer's job. So if you orphan it
> you tell the people: "Please take it if you want." If someone else
> takes it he usually wants to maintain it and does it. And if he doesn't
> update it fast enough in your opinion then you should have kept the
> package and should have maintained it by yourself. That's the point.
And it's a good point except for the part where this is the first time
this thing happened. Of course, I'm not going to maintain the package
as an actual _maintainer_ - so that doesn't really matter.

> And the maintainer sometimes could have to do something else than just
> updating the package every second day, just because you are too
> impatient.
Sure, but not with all maintainers. Some do have the time but still
won't update their packages. I hope this is not one of those cases.

> Otherwise I would suggest you to download the package to /var/abs/local
> and maintain it by yourself locally on your system. Then you can update
> it as often as possible.
Actually I don't even use the package. I just like to update it to others.

> And why did you orphan this package if you want to maintain it by
> yourself after all?
I do and I don't :).

> Regularly updating a package is that which is called maintaining a
> package. You have orphaned the package, so you don't want to maintain
> it, so you don't want to regularly update the package, so live with it.
> You had the chance to maintain it, because you didn't need to orphan
> the package. It was your choice.
Actually, in AUR I did a 4 months stretch of doing exactly this with
my packages. Why? So that anybody could update my package when I would
was unable to. It never meant I would not want to maintain my
packages. That wasn't exactly what I was doing with this package but
still, when _I_ just bump a package it does _not_ necessarily mean I
don't want to regularly update it since I disowned as soon as I did

Good thing, if the users don't care about having the latest versions
all the time. They are the ones who need to "live with" it.

> It means both. It says clearly to either using Pastebin or to send it
> to the maintainer by e-mail.
Which doesn't mean only e-mail and Pastebin can be used. They don't
need to list and think of every possible option to upload the
PKGBUILD. It's enough when people get the main idea.

> I wouldn't download and review such a package if someone would
> send me such a link in my comments.
Are _you_ the maintainer of this package :)?

> And you shouldn't always upload a new, updated package somewhere and
> put the link to it to the AUR comments. You can assume that the
> maintainer knows how to update his package.
Sure. I just like making things easy.

> You really should decide whether you want to maintain a package or not.
Not in the sense you are thinking of. Something we both agree on :).

> And you should only send an orphan request if you really want to
> maintain a package and keep maintaining it.
That's a little ambiguous but generally speaking you are right.

So to wrap this all up, I would just like to have an active maintainer
for that package but it's not something I really "need" since I don't
even use the package.

     Thanks for your time,

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