[aur-general] Ocaml Packages

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Jan 2 04:40:42 EST 2011

On 2011-01-01 20:56 -0700 (00:6)
Thomas S Hatch wrote:

> I have updated ocaml-findlib and about 10 more ocaml packages with this
> changes, I have also started to the spread the word on this move and I have
> been met with positive responses.
> I have a simple OCaml Package guidelines page up on the wiki:
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OCaml_Package_Guidelines

I've made some changes to the page:
* reworded "OCaml Library Locations" section for clarity and emphasis
* added architecture recommendation to "Bytecode" section (I presume that if a
  package does not produce bytecode then it should specify "any" as its
* cleaned up the PKGBUILD
    - added double quotation marks to all variables
    - moved "ocaml" from makedepends to depends

The latter might require some updates to existing PKGBUILDs.

> This is already making PKGBUILDs for ocaml simpler and has repaired a number
> of build issues in packages.
> I am going to talk to the upstream maintainers, but I think that all I will
> be requesting is a name change on a few packages.

ocaml-findlib will eventually need to be moved to [extra] by a dev if it is to
be required by all OCaml packages. I suggest that you contact the maintainer of
the OCaml package about this as the two should logically be maintained together.

> BTW, how far along should I be before I apply to be a TU?

I can't believe that you top-posted for the first time when asking this
question. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. :P


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