[aur-general] AUR 1.8.1 - Can No Longer Upload Packages

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Sun Mar 13 21:58:13 EDT 2011

On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 06:47:53PM -0700, Tony C wrote:
> Prior to AUR 1.8.1 being deployed, I could upload a *.tar.gz containing
> my PKGBUILD to AUR. Now with AUR 1.8.1, here I am trying to upload an
> updated PKGBUILD which I have verified does exist within my *.tar.gz -
> yet the AUR web-interface refuses to acknowledge that my PKGBUILD exists
> as I get stumped with *"**Error trying to unpack upload - PKGBUILD does
> not exist."
> *Does this sound like a possible bug with AUR 1.8.1? I would like to
> think I have been quite diligent with the whole AUR process, but as I
> said this little road block has got me stumped with AUR 1.8.1
> -- 
> Tony

I haven't had any problems posting PKGBUILDs since 1.8.1. There were,
however, some new rules added to reject malformed sourceballs. Are you
using makepkg --source to build your tarball for upload?


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