[aur-general] TUs and their following of the Bylaws

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Aug 7 10:17:17 EDT 2013

Angel Velásquez wrote:

>Supa easy, open the TU panel at the AUR, check who voted and who didn't
>on the lasts SVP (the last three or more if you want) .. make some
>decision about it, yeah we made the quorum but still, what about these
>people that is marked as active, do packaging stuff but are working
>isolated of the team? (seems to don't care about who we add or who we
>After "stirring the pot" as somebody said to me, I consider that doing
>patches for the AUR is good, in order to make everybody aware and have
>no excuses for everyone.
>Let's see what's happens on the next SVP ;).

After my previous reply I spent a little time thinking about the current bylaws
and our notions of activity. I have posted a message to the list with a
modified version of the bylaws to begin a discussion (i.e. the version I have
sent is not a final proposal).

The message is awaiting moderation because the attachments went over 40k (52k I

I expect that to lead to some interesting discussion so I'll follow up on that

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