[aur-general] pkgbuild with after installation Customizations

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Oct 27 23:58:42 EDT 2013

Responding to a message written by Curtis Shimamoto:
# Did you create the service file for it?  If so, then you could just
make it
# something like espeakup at .service and then just put a "%I" in the ExecStart
# command where the voice/language would typically go.  That way the
user could
# enable something like espeakup at en-sc.service.

Even better. I had seen that done for devices and virtual private
networks, but I had never actually tried it for other command line
options. It occurs to me that since I had a major hand in writing the
espeakup systemd service that is included with the package in the
community repo that I could have added that option, but my goal at the
time was to get it ready for systemd as quickly as possible, and since
no default was specified in the init script, I just used the espeakup
command with no optional arguments. Oh well, I'd say it's probably too
late to send in a patch for that now that everyone using espeakup knows to
systemctl enable espeakup.service
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