[aur-general] requesting a critique for my build of xen-git-4.5.0-rc3

Doug McMillan dlm1065 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 17 18:40:28 UTC 2014

> Subject: Re: [aur-general] requesting a critique for my build of xen-git-4.5.0-rc3> - doing `unset CFLAGS` *after* make looks pointless> - "xen::git+git://" looks redundant> - messages with lots of "====" seem awkward > - are you sure that exports from package() have effect on build()?> Ivan Shapovalov / intelfx /
> From: marcel.korpel at gmail.com> One more thing: you are dlm1065 at etcetera, but the maintainer is listed> as Triton (jacek at etcetera). You should me him/her a contributor and> list yourself as maintainer.> > And about what Ivan said: he probably meant exports in prepare(), that> might not be available during build(); even more, I can use makepkg> --nobuild to only get the sources and run prepare() and at a later time> run makepkg --noextract to run build() etc.> Regards,> Marcel
Ivan  Removed the unset as suggested, removed the git+, altered msg to msg2 (<sigh> had that in there for debugging first few runs had so many errors needed an easy way to break were what error went at a glance). 
Marcel Changed my name to maintainer.
Ivan, Marcel   thank you thank you.. for having me look at the exports I goofed here big time I originally had set these all up in my .profile and never removed that(done now). I am not sure if prepare would of passed to the other sections or not but if done with the --noextract it would of definitely broke the build. Custom function in and working

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