[aur-general] Duplicate packages

Jonathan Steel mail at jsteel.org
Wed Feb 5 12:23:57 EST 2014

On Fri 31 Jan 2014 at 22:35, Allen Li wrote:
> I just noticed that there are three packages for The Dark Mod game in
> the AUR:
> darkmod, v2.00-1, maintainer caemir
> doom3-darkmod, v1.08-1, orphan
> thedarkmod, v2.0-4, maintainer naelstrof

I emailed the maintainers and the decision was to keep darkmod, the other
two are now gone.

> Do we have a policy for handling such situations?  It seems like it
> would be in everyone's best interests to merge into one package to
> minimize maintenance costs.

If unsure, I would always speak to the maintainers first and see what they
think the best thing to do is, then propose it here.

Jonathan Steel
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