[aur-general] Perl Upgrade, make test failures and you: The Hurt That Finds You First

Justin Davis jrcd83 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 09:36:24 EDT 2014

I was wondering about this myself. I think the tests failing might
indicate that broken modules are being used but it's probably too late
to know for sure. Unofficial, platform-dependent perl modules (i.e.
those with .so files) need to be rebuilt for perl 5.20 which I assume
you noticed, John.

To really get to the bottom of things, it helps to cut through the
layers of abstraction and just run the test script directly. For
example something like this might give you a more explicit error

perl -Mblib src/perl-whatever-01/t/00-modules.t

Back to your terse, error message. In the test harness, Wstat is the
wait status of the perl process that ran the test. If you shift 512
right by 8 bits, you get 2, which is the exit status. This doesn't
indicate a segfault, though, which is surprising. If that were true
one of the first 8 bits would be set, I think.

Anyways, it's probably too late to tell what was causing your test failures.

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