[aur-general] AUR activity log?

Doug Newgard scimmia at archlinux.info
Wed Aug 12 18:01:32 UTC 2015

On Wed, 12 Aug 2015 14:54:56 -0300
Giancarlo Razzolini <grazzolini at gmail.com> wrote:

> > We already have a mechanism for disowning a package and allowing
> > others to maintain it without deleting it. It's called orphaning.
> >
> This is not the mechanism for that, and it is the reason why the
> co-maintainer functionality was created. Using disown for this is wrong.

On the contrary, this is exactly the mechanism for that. You disown a package
so that someone else can adopt it. Why else would you disown a package?

> > Perhaps if TUs are able to view the last updated time from a search
> > fable, they could see an orphaned package with no updates for X
> > months. But as has been said  before, orphaned does not mean useless
> > or broken.
> >
> Oprhan packages can't be updated, right?

Sure they can, why wouldn't they be?


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