[aur-general] AUR4 migration of orphan packages

Jesse McClure jmcclure at cns.umass.edu
Tue Jun 9 11:17:42 UTC 2015

Simon Brulhart <simon at brulhart.me> [2015-06-09 11:36:09 +0200]:
> > There are a lot of orphan packages that haven't been updated for months
> > or years, but still work fine and could be considered useful.

Considered useful by whom?  We don't need them around because they *might* be
useful to some hypothetical person in some hypothetical situation.

On Tue, Jun 09, 2015 at 11:45:30AM +0200, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> If you care enough to want a package ported (e.g.  because you use it and
> it's currently orphaned), you should care enough to adopt it, IMHO. :)

Agreed.  All the packages that no one carries over to aur4 will still be
archived for some time, so if anyone *actually* wants them in aur4, they can
adopt them.  One can keep their own store of PKGBUILDs, but the aur is for
packages that it is likely multiple users will want.  If not even *one* person
wants a package enough to maintain it in the aur, then it doesn't need to be

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