[aur-general] Error on trying to migrate 2 python packages

Bruno Pagani bruno.pagani at ens-lyon.org
Sat Jun 27 14:56:35 UTC 2015

Le 25/06/2015 19:18, Eduardo Machado a écrit :
> 2015-06-25 13:42 GMT-03:00 Mark Weiman <mark.weiman at markzz.com>:
>> What I am seeing on AUR3 is that you are the maintainer of python2
>> -sievelib and python2-rrdtool.  Are you sure that you mean those
>> packages rather than python-sievelib and python-rrdtool?
>> I would also take out the python 3 parts of the package because they
>> don't seem to be necessary.
>> Mark Weiman
> Indeed it is the case, but i can't update the repositories in AUR4.
> it doesn't matter if i try to use the python-pack or python2-pack.
> The packages are python2 only compliant, BUT i used a template that use
> a pkgbase and build python 2 and 3 with one PKGBUILD, and i accidently
> didn't removed the pkgbase for this two packages.
> I am thinking that the template i used is misleading AUR4 to an error, and
> it does not allow to push the package files.
> I tried cloning python-rrdtool and python2-rrdtool, and then tried to
> update then, without success...
> Is there anything i can do to test if it is the case?

Since you’ve use a pkgbase variable, this one should replace pkgname in
all AUR instructions. Maybe some note about this should be added
somewhere. Can you tell us exactly what commands did you run and what
output you got?


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