[aur-general] What belongs to AUR general? - Was: Palemoon font size

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Sun May 31 12:09:51 UTC 2015

* Ralf Mardorf <info.mardorf at rocketmail.com> [2015-05-31 13:52:04 +0200]:
> I have to revise my claim "it _absolutely_ doesn't belong to the
> comments". I guess it's ok to ask some usage questions by a comment too,
> but as already pointed out, less people might notice a comment and to
> many usage requests by a comment would be bad.

I actually agree with you here.

> Questions regarding software from AUR are unwanted on Arch general, so
> in the past several subscribers send requests regarding usage of
> software from AUR to AUR general.

I wasn't aware of that (I'm not reading arch-general). I'd have said
it belongs there, but I might be wrong then. Sorry!

> Yes, the forums are a place were it's allowed to ask. So we've got no
> mailing list for requests regarding usage of software from AUR?
> Users could subscribe to each mailing list of the software they are
> using, but then we need to subscribe to hundreds of mailing lists.
> I'm subscribed to the mailing lists of software I often use, but
> palemoon is something I installed for testing purpose.
> IMO there should be a mailing list for requests regarding software, if
> the fine manual doesn't answer a question.

Indeed. As said I felt like arch-general is that place, apparently
it's not (I happen to disagree with that, though). It seems like
others agree aur-general isn't either... So what is? I don't know.


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