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Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Sun Nov 22 00:39:05 UTC 2015

On 22/11, Xavion wrote:
>> Because that's not how the English language (, or any that I know of, for
>> that matter,) works.
>With a name like Johannes Löthberg, I'm going to assume that English isn't
>your first language.  Therefore, unless you have at least a master's degree
>in linguistics, I wouldn't recommend thinking you know more about English
>than a native speaker does.

... You hardly need to have a degree in anything to know more about 
English than a native speaker. In fact, native speakers tends to know 
less about their language than non-native speakers. Assuming that you 
are, in fact, a native speaker of English, you're proving yourself to be 
a prime example of this.

>"Doesn't" is the negative of "does",

`Doesn't` is the grammatical negation of `does`, yes.

>"prevent" is the negative of "allow",

... while `prevent` is the semantic negative of `allow`, not a 
grammatical negative.

>and "confusing" is the negative of "clear".

Again semantics, not grammar.

>Another example is "I'm not feeling bad" versus "I'm feeling good".  
>Here, the "not" and the "bad" are just like the "doesn't" and the 
>"prevent" in Mark's sentence.

It is most definitely not. A double negative is a grammatical construct 
where two forms of /grammatical/ negation is used in the same sentence.  
Using a semantically negative word in the same sentence as a 
grammatically negated one does not in any way or form count as a double 

>Guys, how much longer is this going to continue?  Maybe you have a problem
>with my ego, but, for Christ's sake, "Lodge a Request" is clearly better
>than "File Request" (in this context).

Hardly better. "File a Request" would be better though, but I don't feel 
like rebuilding the translation catalogues, so I'll let Lukas change it.

  Johannes Löthberg
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