[aur-general] AUR documentation improvement

G. Schlisio g.schlisio at dukun.de
Fri Sep 2 13:45:43 UTC 2016

i think some parts of the aur need a minor fix.
there seems to be a new feature about creating packages by just pushing
to a non-existent package now. previously one initialized it via ssh,
which now produces a warning (but no indication whether it succeeded or
> # ssh aur.archlinux.org setup-repo mypackage
> warning: setup-repo is deprecated. Use `git push` to create new

nonetheless, this command is still documented via the ssh command to
aur. the wiki already states the new approach [0].

> # ssh aur.archlinux.org help
>   ...
>   setup-repo <name>            Create an empty repository.
>   ...

could you update the message to make reflect the status of the command
and also update the help, to reflect the desired method of package creation?

thank you very much for developing and providing this important tool to
the community!


[0] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Aur#Creating_a_new_package

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