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Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Mon May 15 15:14:30 UTC 2017

On 05/15/2017 10:43 AM, NicoHood wrote:
> Because there are people who don't use (much) proprietary software and
> still want to benefit from Arch. We are not only a free distribution but
> I think its a nice addition to have free kernels available. Also another
> kernel maintainer can make the normal kernel testing faster than it is
> now. I appreciate the work on free software and we should give users the
> freedom of choice.

Not sure I understand this.

Anyone who chooses to use a libre kernel is presumably doing so because
they believe in a moral argument against the use of proprietary blobs of
any sort.
It can be assumed that such a person doesn't want to use any of the
other proprietary blobs we ship in the repos... however, it is not as
though we somehow care about distinguishing between them, so anyone who
chooses to use our repos would have to do a fair amount of work to
*protect themselves against* the natural behavior of the Arch repos.

Parabola already perfectly fulfills this role on behalf of its users,
and the only real benefit of shipping our own libre stuff is to give it
the official Arch stamp of approval and thereby permit such individuals
to receive support from the official Arch support Fora.

As far as kernels go, I don't see how shipping another kernel and
dividing our current users between 4 kernels instead of three kernels is
supposed to make testing and signoffs of the three we have right now, go
any faster. If anything, we will have some number less eyes on the stock
kernel, ensuring we are less likely to catch errors with its specific
One doesn't need to have push access to the package repositories in
order to test the kernel...


Obviously you all can do whatever you want, and maybe there are other
reasons to choose to include André Silva among your number. But from
where I am looking in from the sidelines, I simply don't see what
non-Parabola-specific *values* he intends to bring with him to enhance
the Arch Linux experience.

(From the Wiki)
The minimum requirements to becoming a TU are as follows:
    a general idea of the kind of packages you want to maintain
(basically, why do you want to become TU?)

If the answer to that question is merely "to subsume and obsolete
Parabola", then I suddenly start being confused about the general
direction of the Arch Linux project.

I feel sure I must be missing something, somewhere, somehow...

Eli Schwartz

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