[aur-general] Account Suspended, No Reason Given

Ian Douglas Scott ian at iandouglasscott.com
Sun Nov 4 03:09:34 UTC 2018

Quoting shoober420 via aur-general (2018-11-03 19:49:53)
> Regardless of my past, I still haven’t been given a reason to being
> rejected for maintaining “sdl2-hg”, when I have a PKGBUILD ready to upload.
> I have a lot of AUR packages to contribute, and its being halted by
> misunderstandings of my humor. I can argue me being banned from the forums
> were misunderstandings as well.

I'm not a TU, but looking at the aur-requests archieves, "Yo I got this
my dude." doesn't really explain why the package should be orphaned. You
should probally mention that there's an issue with the package, and you
have a better PKGBUILD.

Based on the policies of the AUR, you are supposed to try to contact the
package maintainer first. Given you commented and flagged the package
out of date just a couple days ago, you should probably wait a while
before filing an orphan request.
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