[aur-general] Account Suspended, No Reason Given

shoober420 shoober420 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 04:07:46 UTC 2018

Again, it seems some are glamorizing "bad" things I have done in the
past, for all the good I have done, and will continue to do. Like
mentioned, claiming I didn't try to contact the package maintainer of
"sdl2-hg", when I most definitely did, over half a year ago.

I most recently began to take action, because I have aquired a laptop
a couple days ago, and can finally upload all the PKGBUILDs I've been
using for alot of the packages that are out of date or missing

I was banned for "help vampire". I won't argue some of the incidents,
because for the beginning, I was new to Arch. This is over 5 years
ago. But towards the end, I did google and look at man pages for alot
of things, and still got labled as being a "help vampire", because of
my past. New accounts I made were for more help, or simply being found
out it was me.

If you let my "help vampiring" foreshadow all of the work I have
contributed to Arch, and ignore all of the good I have done, which for
sure outweighs my "help vampiring", then so be it.

On 11/3/18, Eric Waller via aur-general <aur-general at archlinux.org> wrote:
> On 11/3/18 7:58 PM, Jason Ryan via aur-general wrote:
>> On 03/11/18 at 10:49pm, shoober420 via aur-general wrote:
>>> I can argue me being banned from the forums
>>> were misunderstandings as well.
>> Yeah, the sort of “misunderstandings“ that saw you create an alt account
>> after you were banned and then have that account banned. Twice.
>> Trust me: we understand you well enough.
>> /J
> I read the mail lists, but do not often participate.  I tend to limit my
> activities to the forums.  The forum administrators try to handle things
> out of the public view.
> In this case, I will uncloak and state that I reiterate everything that
> Jason has stated.  On the forums, we have had to take action on more
> than one occasion against this individual that were not mere
> misunderstandings. The subject of this email is persona non grata on the
> forums having crossed several of the moderators.
> Eric Waller
> (ewaller)

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