[aur-general] Fwd: Re: How do I show a AUR Rebuild as a newer build?

LoneVVolf lonewolf at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 22 22:48:40 UTC 2018

On 22/10/2018 16.29, Eli Schwartz via aur-general wrote:
> On 10/22/18 7:52 AM, LoneVVolf wrote:
>> I think this can be solved by clarifying what upstream is.
>> example :
>> archlinux foo package has foo.org as upstream
>> archlinux32 uses archlinux foo package as base , upstream = archlinux
>> manjaro32 uses archlinux32 package as base , upstream = archlinux32
>> say foo is at version 8.2.5
>> archlinux has 8.2.5-2
>> archlinux32 then uses 8.2.5.arch.2 as pkgver and adds 3 as their pkgrel
>> manjaro32 uses as pkgver and their own pkgrel.
>> This shows the chain between downstream and all upstreams .
> 1) This relays untrue information to the person reading the pkgver.
> 2) This requires rewriting the whole PKGBUILD to use secondary proxy
>     variables everywhere that $pkgver is currently being used, like most
>     paths and the source array.
simply solved : introduce one new var, _realver and use that instead of 

> 3) It made me throw up when I read that.
If you have stomach problems go see a doctor.
If this is supposed to be some kind of metaphor, it failed to convey 
it's meaning.

> 4) https://www.parabola.nu/ has forked the pacman package to add pkgrel
>     distro-specific support for 2.1.parabola1 style pkg *rel*, because
>     they consider this sort of sharp deviation from upstream makepkg to
>     be superior to messing with the pkgver.

The ability to fork is one of the strong points of Open Source Software.


Mr Schwartz, your replies to my posts in this and earlier threads 
indicate you very often misunderstand me.
I have often not responded to replies from you on posts by me because it 
is/was very hard to not become hostile towards you in those replies.

To all :
In the 2 posts (including this one) I've made in this thread I have only 
made suggestions. I have not once stated whether they are smart / dumb, 
good/bad or have any other value .
I expect readers to be able to use their own judgment for that.

In order to improve the chances this thread will be useful, I will not 
post in it anymore.


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