[aur-general] Advise on updating/uploading binary package

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Thu Jul 18 14:47:27 UTC 2019

On 7/18/19 8:28 AM, Oon-Ee Ng via aur-general wrote:
> I've been using cin-git for a while (which draws on cinelerra-gg project).
> For those who are unfamiliar, there's the 'original' (old and out-of-date)
> cinelerra, and a newer cinelerra-heroine, and the most popular one is
> cinelerra-gg.
> The 'cin-bin' PKGBUILD on AUR points to the original website, and is
> practically useless in an up-to-date Arch system. For convenience (and
> because recently some problems have been happening with cin-git), I want to
> upload a binary verison of cinelerra-gg. As cin-bin is currently quite
> useless (and IMO the -gg project is the real heir of the cinelerra
> heritage), is there any reason I shouldn't adopt it and update it to point
> to cinelerra-gg binary package?

In general, that would be fine. Since every other package points to this 
upstream, it would be more coherent and generally serve the user better.

In this specific case, I'm not sure I understand the purpose though. It 
is presumably repackaging this upstream binary: 

But, uh, they already provide a pacman repository, so why not just use 
that directly. What is the *point* of downloading a *.pkg.tar.xz, 
un-tar'ing it, and using a PKGBUILD to re-tar it into another *.pkg.tar.xz?

Also side note: why are these packages called "cin" instead of 
"cinelerra"? Seems weird. And now we have currently five packages in the 
AUR matching the search term "cinelerra":

- cin
- cin-bin
- cinelerra-cv

(these all point to out of date links on cinelerra-cv.org, which is a 
redirect to cinelerra-gg.org)

- cin-git

(points to cinelerra-gg.org)

- cinelerra-heroine


Apparently cinelerra-cv was the "official" (or as official as it gets) 
package for Arch Linux, since David Runge dropped it to the AUR on 
2018-12-30 with the commit message:

"Moving cinelerra-cv to the AUR, after announcing it upstream and 
getting into contact with cinelerra-gg as a potential replacement (in 
the future)."

I'm unclear on exactly what that means given -cv is a redirect to -gg, 
the "cin" package's pkgdesc helpfully mentions the unhelpful git clone 
url which is some "goodguy" person's namespace on git.cinelerra-cv.org 
and cin-git claims it is "goodguy's version" -- I assume the -gg is for 

"The 'cin-bin' PKGBUILD on AUR points to the original website" -- does 
that mean it points to the website before a rename of the project? If 
so, then this is the most clear-cut case I could possibly imagine for a 
package that is "out of date" by pointing to a deprecated domain for the 
*exact same project*.
Or do you mean that cinelerra-cv was the development by a different 
group, in which case that is some very confusing references -- plus if 
they turned their site into a redirect for the other project, it seems 
obvious they passed on the torch.

(Is there a third site that has pre-"goodguy" development that isn't 
referenced by *any* packages in the AUR? Then since nothing discusses or 
links to it, let's not bother discussing it either. :D)

Either way, there's entirely too many packages at the moment and two of 
them are probably duplicates. I'd suggest the "cinelerra" prefix either 
way, it seems cleaner and cinelerra-cv dates back to *at least* Arch 
Linux's initial import of PKGBUILDs into subversion, back in 2009...

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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